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the asiana jumbo jet, 911 calls that came pouring in after the boeing 777 crash landed at san francisco airport. the people aboard and the witnesses who saw this outside the plane can be heard pleading for help. it is unbelievable. here is miguel marquez. >> we just got in a plane crash. there are a lot of people that need help. >> we have people over here that weren't found and they are burned really badly. >> a chilling description of the traumatic scene as passengers escape the burning aircraft in a desperate plea for emergency medical assistance. >> we've been down on the ground, 20 minutes, a half hour. there are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries. we're almost losing a woman here. we're trying 20 keep her alive. >> a somber moment on an airport runway, family members of the two girls that died and others who were injured on asiana flight 214 visit the crash scene. for the first time six members of the asiana flight crew make a stand of solidarity with six of their colleagues still in the hospital, emotion and anguish is written in their faces. >> translator: we are
the pilot, that's the asiana plane that crash landed. this was in san francisco over the weekend. new questions about what killed one of those two teens. we have this from ntsb. this is video from inside the plane. it shows mangled rows of seat. you can see the debris. this is scattered along the runway, including a part of a wing. the plane was coming in too low and too slow. the back end struck the seawall. that's at the end of the runway severing the tail. sent the plane skidding on its belly. dan simon is at the san
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2